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English Volunteer

地域の子供たちに英語を教えよう! Let's teach English to local kids!

外国語や外国人と交流を持つ機会がない、地域の子供たちに英語を教えます。 新しい体験や出会いにより、子供たちに視野を広げてもらい、地域社会への貢献に繋げます。


We teach English to local kids who don't have chance to see foreigners and speak foreign languages. Our aim is expand their ideas through new experiences and meeting foreign people and generally contribute to the area.

Staff members are international students, returnee students, students, and professionals.

English Volunteer

活動内容 What we do

夏休みや春休みなどのお休みを利用して、地域の子供たちに英語を教えにいきます。 ゲームなどで楽しい英語を体験してもらいましょう!

We take a trip to teach English to local kinds using vacations such as summer or spring vacation. Let's give them a fun time with English experiences through game and so on…

  • 1グループ 4~5名編成で活動(外国人を含める)
    We work on activities with 4~5 people a group(including foreigners)
  • 子供たちへの指導方法…ゲーム・歌・紙芝居などの企画、作成
    How to teach kids ・・・ games, songs, picture-story
  • Chappeメンバーは、得意の英語を教えて子供たちに楽しい時間を提供します!
    CHAPPE members teach English while having fun with kids!
  • 地元の方たちとの交流も持ち、その土地特有の文化も学びましょう!
    Also let's talk with local people and learn unique cultures there.

メンバー募集 Recruiting members

Let's teach English to local kids using summer vacation or spring break.

English Volunteer


It's a great opportunity to volunteer and be involved in a society you usually don't have chance to touch.
We welcome international students or returnee students who like English and kids.

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